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A Poster Camp(aign)

For Summer ’22, we teamed up with friends and fellows of Imago to create campy, collective campus posters with color and candor. Featuring designs from Nate C. ’22, Sydney L. ’22, Sydney Y. ’22, and Toby Z. ’23, these limited-edition designs give nods to Massimo Vignelli, ’90s Nike sneaker ads, Hollywood movie posters, and Santorini, Greece. The pieces were posted in main thoroughfares around campus and donated to their respective buildings after the issue.

Imago Summer 22 Cover

Sydney Y. ’22

Imago Summer 22 Map half

Nate C. ’22

Imago Summer 22 movie poster

Sydney L. ’22

Toby Z. ’23

Imago Summer 22 sneaker ad

One Year, Four Issues

Imago Winter 2021 Issue
BSU x Imago Issue
GLOW x Imago Issue
Imago Summer 2022 Issue

December 2021

Winter 2021

February 2022

BSU x Imago

April 2022

GLOW x Imago

June 2022

Summer 2022

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